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Black bamboo

The Peace of Bamboo is a wholesale nursery, in the foothills of Kundabung, on the mid-north coast of NSW.

The owners, Greg and Joka Viney have been in the nursery industry since 1973 and are members of the Bamboo Society of Australia. They are growers of a wide range of quality clumping non-invasive bamboos, which are available in 200 mm pots through to 45 litre bags.

Bamboos are the fastest growing and most versatile plants on this planet. Their uses include food, shelter, clothing, paper, transport, landscaping and privacy screens etc. The list goes on.

Have you ever spent time in a grove of bamboo and experienced the tranquility and calmness that it offers? Its good for the soul!!

So get in touch with The Peace of Bamboo!!